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New Map of Moon Yields Both Questions and Potential Solutions

The Moon Mineralogy Mapper () located on India’s Chandrayaan-1 took infrared reflectance measurements of the Moon, allowing researchers from Brown University to develop a global map showing the amount of water throughout the lunar soil. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

New Map of Moon Yields Both Questions and Potential Solutions By Saeed Juggan ‘21 The Moon has been the focus of numerous expeditions and studies. Almost a decade ago, researchers discovered the hydrogen-bearing molecules, water and hydroxyl ion, on the Moon. This discovery was made possible by the collection and […]


The Role of Computational Thinking Across Multiple Disciplines

The Role of Computational Thinking Across Multiple Disciplines

Dr. Jeannette Wing, Corporate VP of Microsoft Research, gave a “Visionaries in Technology” Seminar at the Thayer School of Engineering on October 21. Her talk discussed the development of computational thinking in the 21st century and its role across multiple disciplines, as well as the future of computer science as […]


The Moral Dilemmas of Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles in Action. (Source: csctbsc

By Chiemeka Njoku There are certain situations for which automated vehicles (AVs) must be programmed to either preserve the life of the passenger or to sacrifice the passenger for the life of a passerby. Experimenters conducted a survey to determine what the average driver thinks of these moral dilemmas (1). […]


The BioPen and the Scientific Community

The BioPen and the Scientific Community

The advent of BioPens, “handheld surgical pens” that can bioprint artificial tissues for implantation, now provides surgeons with unprecedented control in correcting structural defects (1).  Rather than printing entire tissues and surgically implanting them into the recipient, these pens enable surgeons to add layers upon layers of tissue, each of […]


Storing digital data in DNA

Storing digital data in DNA

From 80 kilobyte floppy disks, developed in 1971, to 1 terabyte portable hard drives, introduced in 2007, data storage has increased exponentially over the past decades. Now, researchers at the University of Washington, in collaboration with Microsoft, have come up with a new technique for storing data that could further […]


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