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Global Warming and the Fate of the Carbon Sink

Global Warming and the Fate of the Carbon Sink

The carbon sink has been present since the formation of the atmosphere and is responsible for reducing the detrimental effects of global warming on Earth.


Sustainable Energy for the Future

This past Friday, Michael Campbell, the director of the energy division of Logos Technologies, a company that develops energy systems and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance technology, presented at Dartmouth. He discussed some recent developments in energy production from his company and his predictions for sustainable energy for the 21st century and beyond.


Cracking Down on Crime with Applied Mathematics

On Thursday, October 4, Dr. Andrea Bertozzi, professor of mathematics and director of applied mathematics at University of California Los Angeles, presented her findings on the mathematics of crime. Dr. Bertozzi and her team have created models that predict patterns of crime in inner cities; using computer programs supplied with various algorithms and equations, they can help to identify urban crime hotspots.


Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention as a Way to Treat Alcoholism

For most medical conditions, financial concerns are shown to the biggest barrier in the effective delivery of treatment. However, for those with substance use disorders, therapy is barred by more complex, complicating factors. The patient must convince himself that his body needs the outside help.


The Future of Science and Technology

On Saturday, Sept. 29, Duane Valz, a member of the Patent Team at Google, presented on “The Future of Science and Technology” at Dartmouth College. He asserted, “The future has already arrived. It’s just not evenly distributed yet,” a quote attributed to the novelist William Gibson.


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