Biological Sciences

Dartmouth Symposium for the Life Sciences: The Biology and Structure of Yeast Prions

Reed Wickner, chief researcher at the Laboratory of Biochemistry and Genetics at the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK), discussed the biology and structure of yeast prions at the Dartmouth Symposium for the Life Sciences this past Thursday.


The Grandmother Hypothesis: An Explanation for Human Development

As part of the Ernest Everett (E.E.) Just Symposium, University of Utah anthropology proessor Kristen Hawkes presented her research on the evolution of human behavior.


E.E. Just Symposium: A View of Pediatric Sarcomatosis with Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan

This past Thursday marked the start of the three-day E.E. Just Symposium held here on campus. One presentation of interest, “Making Something out of nothing: The Journey in Establishing a New Operation for Children With a Rare Cancer”, was given by Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan ’87, DMS ’91.


Cognitive-Behavioral Intervention as a Way to Treat Alcoholism

For most medical conditions, financial concerns are shown to the biggest barrier in the effective delivery of treatment. However, for those with substance use disorders, therapy is barred by more complex, complicating factors. The patient must convince himself that his body needs the outside help.


“The Origin of Life,” Marcelo Gleiser

“The Origin of Life,” Marcelo Gleiser

In 1952, when Stanley Miller and Harold Urey recreated the primordial soup in their lab and zapped inorganic elements into amino acids, neither could have foreseen the next few decades’ progress towards determining life’s origins.


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