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The Chemistry of Primes

Every integer can be represented uniquely as a product of primes (Source Krishan Canzius).

On April 27, Professor Melanie Wood from the University of Wisconsin-Madison gave a lecture at Dartmouth. The talk was titled “The Chemistry of Primes” and focused on prime numbers in different number systems. The lecture mostly consisted of a review of old work on the subject, but Wood concluded with […]


Mark Laidre: Discovering the Coconut Crab

The Coconut Crab (Credit: Mark Laidre).

Coconut crabs, the largest terrestrial crab, have been studied very little because they are perceived as food and predated into scarcity. In response to the resulting lapse in knowledge, Mark Laidre, a Neukom Fellow at Dartmouth, traveled to the Chagos Islands to study the behavior and ecological significance of these […]


Imbalance: breaking DNA to destroy cancer cells

Imbalance: breaking DNA to destroy cancer cells

Dr. Kevin Mills, a former researcher at The Jackson Laboratory and co-founder of Cyteir Therapeutics, presented a seminar on February 29th regarding the therapeutic role of genomic instability. His research at Cyteir Therapeutics focuses on two small molecules, AID and RAD51, which are involved in genomic damage and genomic repair, […]


Annie Hoen: studying the microbiome at Dartmouth

Annie Hoen: studying the microbiome at Dartmouth

Annie Hoen, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Biomedical Data Science at the Geisel School of Medicine, has been a member of the Dartmouth family for nearly a year to date. Her work concerns the microbiome of the infant gut, the factors that contribute to its formation, and its effects on […]


STEM Panel & Guide

STEM Panel & Guide

IU Webmaster redirect DUJS STEM Guide 2014 (PDF)   Just three years ago, we found it difficult to traverse the maze of science, technology, engineering, and math — or STEM — courses here at Dartmouth. Because we realized the utility of a centralized resource for academic inquiries, this publication serves […]


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