Fall 2010

Deep Below the Snowy Surface: The Metamorphisms Within

Deep Below the Snowy Surface: The Metamorphisms Within

This is a tranquil winter morning. Snow falls silently onto the Green, onto the Occom pond, and into the hectic life of Dartmouth students. The airy and delicate snow crystals will soon undergo a series of Metamorphisms. Metamorphism is a change in the crystalline forms of the snow due to […]


“I’ll Blitz You Later”: The Technology of Campus Communication

“I’ll Blitz You Later”: The Technology of Campus Communication

To most people, the phrase, “I’ll blitz you later,” would surely sound like a strange farewell. But for anyone who has spent time here at Dartmouth, it’s just another way of saying goodbye. For over twenty years, the electronic mail system known as BlitzMail has been a ubiquitous part of […]


The Physiology of Stress: Cortisol and the Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis

Structure of cortisol.

We all know the feeling whether it’s your hands trembling as you flip through a blank exam or trouble sleeping while you worry about approaching deadlines. Stress is an inevitable aspect of life through college and beyond. While everyone understands the symptoms of the stress response, few know the underlying […]


You Are What You Eat: How Food Affects Your Mood

Chocolate is a powerful mood enhancer.

For thousands of years, people have believed that food could influence their health and well-being. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, once said: “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food” (1). In medieval times, people started to take great interest in how certain foods affected […]


The Science Behind Social Networking

The Science Behind Social Networking

Humans have always been very social creatures. Since the advent of time, humans have always relied on the benefits of groups and by pure necessity, social networks were created, as a means to share experiences, needs and desires. In fact, the concept of social networking, which is the forging of […]


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