Time of Day Affects Athletic Performance

Larks and intermediates have better athletic performances about 6 hours after they wake up while owls best perform 11 hours after waking up​.

Researchers have found that an individual’s personal circadian rhythms can affect the physiological processes that are integral to athletic performance. Based on their natural circadian rhythms, athletes were classified into either “larks”, those who rise and sleep early, “owls”, those who rise and sleep late, or intermediates. Larks and intermediates...


U.S. Senate Passes Amendment Affirming Climate Change is Real

The U.S. Senate agreed that climate change is real.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

On January 21st, the U.S. Senate passed an amendment affirming that climate change is real and not a hoax. The measure passed with nearly all senators voting in favor, including Senator James Inhofe (R – OK), who once declared global warming a hoax. However, two other amendments stating that humans...


Perceived Importance of Talent Predicts Gender and Race Disparities across Academic Fields

A few influential women scientists of the twentieth century (left to right): Marie Curie, Lisa Meitner, Emmy Noether

A recent study published in Science suggests women tend to pursue careers in which hard work is thought to be more important than innate talent. The authors conclude that this an important cause of the continuing gender disparity in a variety of academic fields, not just in STEM disciplines. Sarah-Jane...


Bacterial Communication Used to Kill Cancer

Bacteria shown on the left are pre-treatment; bacteria on the right have been exposed to the treatment and are dead (1).

A recent study conducted at the University of Missouri indicates that a bacterial communication system may be used to kill cancer cells. Bacterial populations communicate through a process called quorum sensing (QS). In QS, bacteria secrete signaling molecules called autoinducers. Based on the type of autoinducer secreted, bacteria can escape...


Membranes: A Solution for Our Water Woes

Membranes: A Solution for Our Water Woes

In May 2014, the United States Drought Monitor reported that 100% of Californians experienced “severe, extreme, or exceptional drought conditions” (1). The drought will cost US$2 billion and 17,000 agricultural jobs. Despite a series of fines and awareness campaign efforts to cut water consumption by 20%, water usage still increased...


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