Dartmouth profs. discover synergistic interactions of herbicide, pH and food

Dartmouth College biology professors Celia Chen and Carol Folt have discovered synergistic interactions of herbicides and natural environmental stressors such as pH and food on wetland zooplankton and larval amphibian. Their findings were published last month in Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety.


Former Merck CEO discusses drugs developed by Merck

Former president and CEO of Merck & Co. Roy Vagelos discussed Merck’s role in combating major diseases, such as river blindness and Hepatitis B, in a chemistry colloquium held this Wednesday at Dartmouth.


New method for polygonal curve approximation explained

Dartmouth Professor R. L. Scot Drysdale and colleagues have created an algorithm to efficiently approximate an open polygonal curve using as few circular arcs and biarcs as possible. The method was published this month in Computational Geometry-Theory and Applications.


DHMC team discovers the of role of cell signaling in hemoglobin induction

Dartmouth Medical School professor of pharmacology and toxicology Christopher Lowrey and colleagues have proposed a new model that links hemoglobin induction with cell stress signaling. The findings were published last month in Experimental Hematology.


Dartmouth prof. explains chromatin remodeling

The assembly of ATP-dependent chromatin remodeling complexes is key to specificity in chromatin regulation, former Dartmouth researcher Gerald Crabtree said in a physiology seminar held at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on Thursday.


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