Penn prof. discusses work on protein translocation

Research into the mechanisms of protein transport in bacteria may provide glimpses into the evolution of the organisms and aid future drug development, University of Pennsylvania professor Mecky Pohlschröder said as she explained her research at Dartmouth Medical School’s microbiology and immunology seminar last Monday.


Emory professor describes research in unraveling anxiety

Emory University professor Michael Davis revealed that specific brain structures can be targeted therapeutically to treat anxiety during Friday’s psychology seminar, “Role of Amygdala versus Bed Nucleus Stria Terminalis in Phasic versus Sustained Fear and Effect of a Cognitive Enhancer on Extinction” in Moore Hall.


Arsenic is a growing health threat in Cambodia

The high concentration of arsenic in the groundwater of Cambodia is due to rapid burial of sediment and specific chemical conditions in rivers, including the Makong, explained Dartmouth professor and geochemist Ben Bostick during Tuesday’s weekly Geolunch lecture.


Dartmouth prof. finds variation in Earth’s geomagnetic shield

Dartmouth prof. finds variation in Earth’s geomagnetic shield

Geomagnetic storms cause significant variations in the shielding of energetic solar ions by the Earth’s magnetic field, Dartmouth physics and astronomy professor Brian Kress explained at the College’s Plasma Seminar on Sept. 30.


Graft tolerance in mice is mediated by T cell subset

Graft tolerance in mice appears to be linked to the regulation of the enzyme Granzyme B (GZB), reported Dartmouth Medical School professor Randolph Noelle and colleagues in a recent paper published in The Journal of Immunology. GZB may play a key role in preventing transplant rejection in humans.


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