Graft tolerance in mice is mediated by T cell subset

Graft tolerance in mice appears to be linked to the regulation of the enzyme Granzyme B (GZB), reported Dartmouth Medical School professor Randolph Noelle and colleagues in a recent paper published in The Journal of Immunology. GZB may play a key role in preventing transplant rejection in humans.


UVM prof. describes role of nicotine in cell death

Rae Nishi, professor of anatomy and neurobiology at the University of Vermont College of Medicine, described her ongoing research on nicotine’s role in promoting cell death during avian development, as well as its puzzling connection to cancer in a keynote seminar at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center on Wednesday.


Circadian rhythm develops earlier than thought in plants

Circadian rhythm develops earlier than thought in plants

Gene expression under the control of molecular clocks occurs earlier in plant development than previously thought, finds Dartmouth professor C. Robertson McClung, the associate dean of faculty for the sciences.


MIT prof. describes work in modeling human behavior

Alex Pentland, a pioneer in the field of behavioral analysis, described computer models that could reliably foresee the outcomes of romantic dates, predict traffic jams, and optimize the structure of corporate meetings for productivity in the keynote speech at the Dartmouth computer science research symposium on Saturday.


Profs. discuss evolution of facial expression

Dartmouth professors Paul Whalen and Robert Kleck reviewed a study that investigated the adaptive purpose of various facial expressions in a recent Nature article.


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