Link between gene expression and scleroderma discovered

An association between gene expression and disease severity in scleroderma patients has been found, Dartmouth Medical School researchers reported online in the journal PLoS One on July 16.


Moon rock sheds light on solar system formation

A unique moon rock known as Dhofar 961 may contain clues to the nature of the early solar system, NatureNews reported


Drug-coated stents safe, Dartmouth researchers say

Drug-eluting stents show no increased risk of mortality, while decreasing the need for repeat procedures to unblock coronary arteries


Sterile mosquitoes to be introduced in Malaysia

A team of researchers at Oxitec, based in Oxford, UK, has genetically modified male Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to produce offspring that die in the late larval stage of development.


Bacterial learning curve

A new study shows that microbes like the bacteria Escherichia coli can “learn” to anticipate changes in their environment, Nature News reports.


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