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Dartmouth Physics: Ernest Fox Nichols

Dartmouth Physics: Ernest Fox Nichols

On Friday October 5th professor Ralph Gibson lectured on former Dartmouth President Ernest Fox Nichols as a part of the series of lectures for the American Physical Society’s designation of the Wilder Physics building as a historical site. Gibson began the seminar with the Crookes radiometer. The device is an encased […]


The Legacy of Nichols and Hull: 100+ Years of Radiative Forces

The Legacy of Nichols and Hull: 100+ Years of Radiative Forces

The Wilder Physical Laboratory has been commemorated as an American Physical Society historic site for the work done by Dartmouth professors Nichols and Hull in measuring the radiation pressure of light in a macroscopic body in 1901-1903.


Does 2 Equal 3? Unparticles Defy Luttinger’s Theory

This past Friday, Professor Philip W. Phillips, a professor of physics and faculty scholar at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign spoke at the EE Just Symposium at Dartmouth College. He discussed his recent work with undergraduates Kiraran Dave, Charlie Kane and Brandon Lnagley, in which he argues that the behavior of unparticles in high temperature superconducters disproves the fundamental concepts of Luttinger’s Theorem.


Time and the Laws of Nature

On Friday September 28th, Professor Lee Smolin of Harvard University spoke at Dartmouth on the concept of time and the evolution of the laws of nature. Professor Smolin, a theoretical physicist, opined that scientific laws must change to describe the universe in its entirety.


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