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Cardio activities during young age can help prevent dementia

Cardio activities during young age can help prevent dementia

  People often blame their negligence of important matters on old age. According to long-term research carried out by David Jacobs at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis, however, cardio fitness activities can reduce forgetfulness that follows middle age, or the period ranging from ages 43 to 55. For the...


The Neural Substrates of Decision Making

The Neural Substrates of Decision Making

Human behavior has historically been examined under one of two perspectives. The first asserts that the choices people make are rational, consistent, and relatively unbiased by emotions. In contrast, another opinion holds that humans are inconsistent and often irrational due to limited attention spans and skewed viewpoints. Recent technological advances...


Morning Light Offers Help For Those Wishing to Reduce BMI

Morning Light Offers Help For Those Wishing to Reduce BMI

Specifically, having a majority of the mean light exposure above 500 lux (MLiT500) earlier in the day was associated with having a lower BMI. Note that lux is a unit for illuminance, which qualitatively means brightness. To place this number in perspective, the normal light in a room is roughly...


Shrinking Salamanders in the Face of Climate Change

Some species of salamanders are already evolving in response to the novel environmental conditions produced by climate change. Source:

Recent evidence suggests that some organisms are already undergoing phenotypic changes as a result of climate change. Researchers Nicholas M. Caruso et al. compared historical and contemporary size measurements for 15 salamander species in genus Plethodon  from 102 populations, discovering that six of the species have shrunk significantly in body...


Voyager 1 Reaches Interstellar Space

Don Gurnett, on the left, during his talk at the Dartmouth physics colloquium. Photo: Merritt Losert '17

On Friday, April 4, Don Gurnett, a professor of physics and astronomy at the University of Iowa, gave a talk about the history and science of the Voyager missions. The Voyager probes have been two of the most important ever launched. They explored the far reaches of the solar system,...


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