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Neuroprosthetic Hand Allows Amputee to Grasp Objects Using Thoughts

Neuroprosthetic Hand Allows Amputee to Grasp Objects Using Thoughts

A team of researchers from the University of Houston has developed an algorithm that allowed a 56 year-old man whose right hand had been amputated to grasp objects with a high-tech bionic hand powered by his thoughts. The innocuous technique monitors the activity in the brain to determine the regions involved […]


Surprises Help Babies Learn

Surprises Help Babies Learn

In a paper recently published in Science, psychologists Aimee E. Stahl and Lisa Feigenson from the Johns Hopkins University found that surprises help engage babies to learn new information more effectively. The study involved 4 experiments showing 11-month old babies events that did not behave the way they expected them […]


Astronomers Witness A Star’s Formation

Astronomers Witness A Star’s Formation

Over the past eighteen years, astronomers witnessed the unique phenomenon of the earliest stages of star formation in real time. In 1996, scientists pointed radio telescopes at a star-forming region called W75N(B), noting that one of the objects inside of the region was a proto-star, VLA 2. At the time, […]


Long Necked Dinosaur Discovered in China

The newly discovered  Qijianglong belongs to the same family of long-necked mamenchisaurids as this display. Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons ( )

Paleontologists from the University of Alberta recently discovered a new species of long-necked dinosaurs from a skeleton found near Qijiang City in China. They reported their findings in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology on January 26 (1). Qijianglong, meaning “dragon of Qijiang”, is about 15 meters long and lived around […]


Mobile Phone-Based Nanomedicine

The mobile phone-based microscope that Wei and colleagues in the Ozcan Lab at UCLA developed in 2010 was portable, cost-effective, easy to use, had high sample throughput, and could be mass-produced.
Courtesy of the Ozcan Research Group of UCLA Engineering

On March 5, Qingshan Wei, Postdoctoral Scholar in Electrical and Bio-engineering at UCLA, gave a seminar on his research into developing mobile phone-based systems for imaging, sensing, and diagnostics. Although the first compound microscope was invented in 1595, the past three decades have seen rapid advances in imaging technology. However, […]


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