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Connection between eye color and alcoholism discovered

Blue eye color is the most likely risk factor for alcohol dependency among European descendants. 
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Researchers at the University of Vermont have discovered a link between eye color and alcohol dependency in Americans of European descent. Northern Europeans might have evolved light eye traits as an adaption to darker environments because lighter eyes provide a greater sensitivity to light (1). But an increased sensitivity to […]


A discovery in fluid dynamics with cosmological implications

The inflationary universe: A new discovery in relativistic fluid dynamics could help scientists understand the expansion and fate of the universe.

Normally, fluid dynamics and cosmology are widely separate disciplines. Problems like the flow of water through a pipe have little to do with the evolution and fate of the universe; but, as it turns out, if one allow fluids to move near the speed of light, one will find some interesting properties […]


Clams Discovered to Have Contagious Cancer

Clams Discovered to Have Contagious Cancer

It has long been thought that cancer is not contagious. Recent discoveries, however, have suggested otherwise. A venereal disease in dogs as well as facial tumors in Tasmanian devils have previously been identified as transmittable cancers, and this week, researchers at Columbia University found that a third cancer belonged to this group: hemic neoplasia. This cancer was first noticed in […]


Digestive Microbes Linked to Serotonin Production

Digestive Microbes Linked to Serotonin Production

A team of researchers from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) has recently discovered a connection between levels of gut microbes and levels of serotonin in mice. In addition to providing a means of communication between neurons in the brain, serotonin has other roles in the human body, especially in […]


How Sustainable is Bioenergy?

How Sustainable is Bioenergy?

On Monday, April 20, Felix Creutzig from Mercator Research Institute on Global Commons and Climate Change spoke about “Sustainability at the Nexus of Land Use and Energy.” The presentation focused on his work concerning bioenergy, sustainability, and environmental policy.     Although Creutzig’s current work focuses in determining the sustainability of […]


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