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Electronic Skin: Saving Space, Saving Lives

An example of the type of electrical interface that could be applied to human skin. Photo Credit: Scientific American

It is a small patch placed on the skin, about as thick as a temporary tattoo, but with the ability to record heartbeat, muscle contractions, and brain activity in addition to tracking body movements and delivering drugs (1). The creation of “electronic skin” has been an area of immense interest […]


India 1-0 in Mars missions

The launch vehicle for the Indian Space Research Organization that is to carry to the Mangalyaan is housed within a protective scaffolding facility to ease preparations. Source: AFP/Getty Images

On September 24 India’s Mangalyaan probe successfully fell into Mars’ orbit. Only the United States, the former USSR, and The European Space Agency have been able to reach Mars, making India the second current country to have done so. In addition, India has become the only country to reach Mars […]


Half of Earth’s Water Formed Before Sun’s Creation

An image of a region of interstellar dust in the Orion system.

A team of researchers led by astronomer L. Ilsedore Cleeves of the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor studying the origin of water in the solar system concluded that up to half of it formed before the sun was created(1). This result may suggest that water is more widespread in planetary […]


A New Way to Detect Plasma

The effects of atmospheric plasma can be visible to the naked eye under the right conditions.

On Tuesday, September 23, Juha Vierinen, a post-doc at MIT came to campus to give a talk on his work at the Haystack Observatory.  Vierinen works to take statistical measurements of our atmosphere. When most people think of the atmosphere, they don’t often think of plasma, but it is definitely […]


New Brain Region Knows Why You Are Feeling Down

Green basal ganglia neurons release red glutamate and blue GABA in the brain resulting in the sporadic mix of both neurotransmitters, shown in white.  Credit: UC San Diego’s School of Medicine

The University of California San Diego’s School of Medicine has recently identified the part of the brain that controls disappointment among mammals. Researchers have been granted a new insight into why and how people feel disappointed. Seeing the glass half empty may no longer be a matter of perspective, but […]


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