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New Study Indicates Tamiflu Helps Treat the Flu

A recent study indicates that Tamiflu reduces serious complication risks for patients with the flu.

A recent study indicates that the drug Tamiflu not only reduces milder symptoms of Influenza, but also decreases the risk of deadlier complications like hospitalization or death (1). This study, published in the renowned journal of medicine The Lancet, attempts to end a long debate regarding Tamiflu’s ability to combat […]


Making Data Anonymous Not Enough to Protect Consumer Privacy

The identities of individual consumers are very likely to be re-identified.
(Source: Wikimedia Commons)

What data can be used to identify an individual’s identity? This question has long befuddled experts who aim to protect anonymity, as sometimes the techniques used to remove underlying identities fail. A graduate student at Carnegie Mellon, for example, was able to identify the medical history of then-Massachusetts governor William […]


Time of Day Affects Athletic Performance

Larks and intermediates have better athletic performances about 6 hours after they wake up while owls best perform 11 hours after waking up​.

Researchers have found that an individual’s personal circadian rhythms can affect the physiological processes that are integral to athletic performance. Based on their natural circadian rhythms, athletes were classified into either “larks”, those who rise and sleep early, “owls”, those who rise and sleep late, or intermediates. Larks and intermediates […]


Spinal Cord Region Could Play Role in Balance

The group of Salk Institute researchers who has discovered a circuit of spinal cord neurons that helps maintain balance.
Source: Salk Institute

One only needs to imagine an icy sidewalk or slippery pool deck to be reminded of the importance of balance. Walking on ice and other slippery surfaces relies on the brain to constantly make decisions and adjustments. While many studies in neuroscience have been dedicated to examining the brain’s role […]


U.S. Senate Passes Amendment Affirming Climate Change is Real

The U.S. Senate agreed that climate change is real.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

On January 21st, the U.S. Senate passed an amendment affirming that climate change is real and not a hoax. The measure passed with nearly all senators voting in favor, including Senator James Inhofe (R – OK), who once declared global warming a hoax. However, two other amendments stating that humans […]


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